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HOMENewsQuality Inspection Tips for PLA Paper Cups – A Basic Guide

Quality Inspection Tips for PLA Paper Cups – A Basic Guide

2023-10-11 11:10:39

PLA paper cups are an environmentally friendly and degradable alternative widely used in the food and beverage industry. To ensure the quality of PLA paper cups, it is essential to effectively evaluate key indicators. This article will describe how to efficiently evaluate the quality of PLA paper cups to ensure their superior performance and sustainable selection.


Part 1: Appearance Quality

Cup rim uniformity: Check whether the cup rim is smooth and has no obvious deformation or damage.
Uniformity of cup wall thickness: Touch the cup wall with your hand to check whether its thickness is uniform and avoid areas that are too thin or too thick.
Stamping marks: Pay attention to check whether there are obvious stamping marks on the cup wall, which may affect the structural strength and sealing performance of the paper cup.
Surface smoothness: The surface of the cup should be smooth with no obvious uneven flaws.


Quality Inspection Tips for PLA Paper Cups – A Basic Guide


Part 2: Structural Stability

Bottom stability: Check whether the bottom of the cup is flat and can be placed stably on the table to avoid spilling or tipping due to uneven bottom.
Splicing method: Check whether the splicing of the cup is firm and there are no obvious cracks or looseness to ensure that the paper cup will not leak when loading liquid.
Sealing performance of the bottom of the cup: After filling the appropriate amount of water, check whether there is leakage at the bottom of the cup to verify the sealing performance of the bottom of the cup.


Part 3: Usage Safety

PLA material quality: Understand the source and quality certification of the PLA material used in paper cups to ensure that the cups are non-toxic and odor-free.
Thermal resistance: Test the hot drink cup to ensure it has good thermal resistance to avoid burning your hands when making hot drinks.
Chemical migration: Test cups for compliance with relevant food safety standards to ensure no harmful chemicals migrate from the cup to food or beverages.


Part 4: Sustainability

Biodegradable performance: Ensure that PLA paper cups have good degradable properties and effectively reduce the impact on the environment.
Environmental certification: Find out whether the paper cup meets relevant environmental certification standards, such as the European EN13432 standard, to ensure its true sustainability.
Reusability: Consider whether paper cups can be reused to reduce resource consumption and waste.


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By evaluating key indicators such as appearance quality, structural stability, use safety and sustainability of PLA paper cups, the quality and performance of the selected paper cups can be effectively ensured. Choosing high-quality PLA paper cups not only provides a good use experience, but also contributes to environmental protection.

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