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How cute paper straws are made

2023-08-24 08:08:19

Many of the drinks we drink or the desserts we eat in our daily life are cute paper straws, so how are these cute paper straws made?



Paper straws are usually made by the following steps:


Raw material preparation: The main raw material is pulp, usually degradable pulp, such as bamboo pulp, wood pulp or waste paper pulp. Other required auxiliary materials may include food grade dyes and coating materials.


Pulp Preparation: The selected pulp is mixed with water to form a pulp paste. The pulp paste is stirred and heated to make it a dense and uniform pulp solution.


Pulp forming: use a special pulp forming machine to spray the pulp solution on the continuously conveying mesh belt. The mesh belt has a specific hole structure that allows the pulp to pass through and form a wide and thin paper belt on it.


Drying: The paper tape after pulp forming is dried. Usually use a high-temperature oven or a drying room to gradually evaporate the moisture in the tape until it is completely dry.


Cutting and winding: the dried paper strip is further cut and wound to form a certain length of paper tube. The process of cutting and winding can be completed by automated equipment, ensuring consistent length and quality of straws.


Inspection and quality control: inspection and quality control of the produced paper straws. This may include tests to check the straw's appearance, size, strength, and environmental performance.


Packaging and Shipping: Compliant paper straws are packaged, usually in bundles or boxes, and ready to be shipped to the point of sale or customer.


This is the growth path of a paper straw, so how do we print our favorite patterns on the straw?

Printing: Use printing technology to print the Logo directly on the paper straw. This can be achieved by means of dye printing, inkjet printing or screen printing. Design and plate-making work is required before printing to ensure the clarity and accuracy of the Logo.


Stickers: Paste the pre-designed and made Logo stickers on the paper straws. This method is simple and fast, and is usually suitable for situations where the need for customization is small. It is necessary to pay attention to choosing the glue suitable for bonding the stickers and paper straws to ensure their firmness.


Engraving: Laser engraving or mechanical lettering is used to engrave the Logo on the paper straw. This method is suitable for special customization needs, and can achieve a more refined and lasting Logo effect.

The above is the production process of cute paper straws, if you are interested in our products after reading, please contact us.

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