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High Quality Supplier of Kraft ripple wall cup

2023-08-28 10:08:19

As a high-quality supplier of kraft paper corrugated wall cups, the following are answers to the most concerned questions about kraft paper corrugated wall cups on the Internet to help you better understand kraft paper corrugated wall cups. If you want to buy or know more questions, welcome to consult us, or leave your number and we will contact you!


The benefits of kraft paper corrugated wall cups?
Kraft paper corrugated wall cups have many benefits, here are some of them:

Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Kraft paper is a natural paper material that can be recycled. Compared with traditional plastic or foam cups, kraft paper corrugated wall cups have less impact on the environment and are more in line with the concept of sustainable development.

Good heat preservation performance: The corrugated kraft paper wall cup increases the insulation performance of the cup through the wavy texture, which can effectively maintain the temperature of the drink. Drinks, whether hot or cold, stay warmer for longer.

Comfortable feel: The corrugated design on the surface of the kraft paper corrugated wall cup not only makes it more visually beautiful, but also provides a comfortable feel. The outer layer of the cup has a certain heat insulation performance, which makes it more comfortable to use and not easy to burn.

Strong customizability: kraft paper corrugated wall cups can be customized according to customer needs, such as printing logos, patterns or slogans, etc. This makes kraft corrugated wall cups ideal for corporate promotion and branding.

Lightweight and easy to carry: Kraft paper corrugated wall cups are relatively light and easy to carry. Whether in the office, in a coffee shop or on a trip, you can conveniently carry your own cup, reducing the use of disposable cups and more in line with the modern lifestyle.

In conclusion, kraft paper corrugated wall cups not only have environmental advantages, but also provide good thermal insulation performance, comfortable feel and customizable features, making them a popular choice for cups.


How do cowhide corrugated mugs work?

The working principle of the kraft paper corrugated cup is relatively simple, the following is its basic working process:

Material selection: The main material of the kraft paper corrugated cup is kraft paper, which is a natural paper material with certain toughness and water resistance.

Cup-making process: First, cut the kraft paper into circular pieces or strips of corresponding size. These sheets or strips are then corrugated through specific machines or devices. Corrugation can be done by heating, pressing or crimping. This process gives the vellum its unique wavy shape.

Cup body formation: The corrugated kraft paper sheets or strips are combined to form the outer layer of the cup wall. The usual method is to glue one end to the other to form the columnar structure of the cup. This step requires the use of special glue or adhesives.

Cup bottom reinforcement: In order to strengthen the structure and stability of the kraft paper corrugated cup, a kraft paper or plastic bottom cover is usually added. The lid will be glued to the body of the cup, providing a stable bottom for the cup.

Various processing: According to needs, kraft paper corrugated cups may undergo some additional processing steps, such as coating treatment, printing patterns, labeling, etc. These steps are aimed at improving the appearance and function of the mug.



Can kraft corrugated paper cups be recycled?
Kraft paper is a renewable, natural paper material that can be recycled and recycled.

The process for recycling kraft corrugated paper cups is usually as follows:

Waste paper sorting: Sorting and separating used kraft corrugated paper cups from other waste paper to ensure the purity of recycled cups.

Cleaning: Clean recycled kraft corrugated paper cups to remove residual drink or stains.

Beating: Soak the cleaned kraft paper corrugated paper cups in water to break the paper cups into fibers and form pulp.

Screening and cleaning: The pulp is screened through a screen to remove impurities such as plastic particles or other contaminants.

Recycled paper: The pulp that has been screened and detrammed is processed into recycled paper to make new paper or cardboard.

Recycled kraft paper corrugated paper cups can be used again to make kraft paper products, such as paper boxes, paper bags, cardboard, etc., to realize the reuse of resources.

However, the recycling of kraft corrugated paper cups requires reasonable recycling facilities and treatment processes, including the construction of recycling systems and the improvement of treatment technologies. Therefore, the promotion and construction of an effective recycling system is the key to realizing the sustainable recycling of kraft paper corrugated paper cups.



How to buy high-quality kraft paper corrugated paper cups?


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