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Five daily functions and usage guidelines of microfiber cloth

2023-08-11 09:08:45

Why Choose Microfiber Cloths


Good cleaning effect: The fiber diameter of microfiber cloth is very small, generally a fraction of that of ordinary fibers. It can absorb tiny particles such as dirt, dust and bacteria.


Soft and Non-Scratch: The microfiber cloth is made of soft fibers and will not scratch the surface of objects. Ideal for cleaning and caring for sensitive items.


Strong Water Absorption: The microfiber cloth can absorb a lot of water. This makes it very effective when cleaning wet surfaces or when you need to blot dry objects.


Durability and Repeated Use: Microfiber cloths are generally more durable than ordinary cleaning cloths and can withstand multiple uses and washes.


Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Microfiber cloths are usually made from synthetic or natural fibers, and due to their durability, reduce the need for disposable cleaning supplies and help reduce waste.


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How to use them in life?


Household Cleaning: The microfiber cloth is soft and highly absorbent, suitable for wiping the surfaces of furniture, glass, mirrors, televisions and other household items.


Kitchen cleaning: The microfiber cloth can easily clean greasy stains such as kitchen countertops, range hoods, and stoves. It not only has strong detergency, but also does not leave water stains and fiber residues.


Car Wash Care: The microfiber cloth is very gentle on the surface of the car and will not scratch the paint finish. Dust, water spots, and grime can be easily removed with a microfiber cloth to keep your car clean and shiny.


Personal Care: The microfiber cloth is soft and comfortable, suitable for facial cleansing and care. It gently removes makeup and impurities and helps keep skin clean and healthy.


Polished Jewelry


A damp microfiber towel removes smudges and grime from jewelry without scratching. You can even use a dry microfiber cloth to keep dirty silver looking shiny as new.


Other uses: Microfiber cloths can also be used for pet cleaning, electronics care, glasses and jewelry wiping, and even as towels, bath towels, bandanas, and more.

For the cleaning of microfiber cloth, you can follow the steps below:


General Dirt Cleaning


First soak the microfiber cloth in warm water for a while to loosen the dirt.


Add a small amount of neutral detergent or laundry detergent, and gently rub the cloth to make it evenly cleaned.


Rinse the cloth to make sure the detergent is gone.


Squeeze or wring microfiber cloth lightly and allow to air dry.


Grease dirt cleaning


Apply a small amount of dish soap or degreaser to a microfiber cloth.


Gently wipe the oily area with a damp cloth, repeating as needed until the oil is removed.


The microfiber cloth can be rinsed with clean water to ensure a clean finish.


Squeeze or wring microfiber cloth lightly and allow to air dry.


How long is the service life of microfiber cloth?


The lifespan of a microfiber cloth depends on a variety of factors. In general, microfiber cloths can last for several years with proper use and care.


Here are some suggestions to extend the life of microfiber cloths:


  • Avoid excessive friction: When using microfiber cloth, try to avoid rubbing with rough surfaces or hard objects to prevent scratching the cloth.


  • Proper cleaning method: Clean the microfiber cloth according to the proper cleaning method, avoid using bleach, strong acidic or strong alkaline cleaning agents, so as not to damage the fiber structure.


  • Storage method: Store the dry microfiber cloth in a dry and ventilated place out of direct sunlight to prevent color fading and fiber aging.


It should be noted that the service life of microfiber cloth will also be affected by the conditions and frequency of use. If the microfiber cloth is obviously worn or damaged, it is recommended to replace it in time to ensure the cleaning effect and safe use.



Different colors


different colors of fabrics can be used to distinguish different tasks or occasions




Provides a faster drying effect than ordinary microfiber towels.




High reusability. In fact, microfiber towels can be expected to last 400 to 500 washes before needing to be replaced.

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