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HOMENewsBring Green to our Earth-------The Story of our Team

Bring Green to our Earth-------The Story of our Team

2022-12-30 12:12:33

The Green We Love

We humans come from nature, and we love nature. We love the shinny sky, the green earth, the blue lake, the pure air. We love to see cute animals and we love the amazing creatures of nature.

Yet these sights are becoming more and more rare and precious in many parts of the earth.

People always hope for a better life, we want to have a home of their own, a shelter from the wind and rain, a warm and comfortable house; we want eat delicious food every day; we want wear beautiful clothes when we go out.

All these are inseparable from the economic development and the progress of industry.

Industry is great, the three industrial revolutions of mankind have created an unprecedented miracle.

But these developments have sometimes come at the cost of ecological damage. The problem is exacerbated by the over-exploitation of resources, sloppy utilization, and white pollution.

Bring Green to our Earth

The Histroy We Have

Green is the symbol of life, the base color of nature.

Being a team of exporting disposable food packaging, we realize that environmental protection is in our hands. Although our products facilitate people's lives, we may also cause environmental pollution. We want to make a difference. We want change the world.

Because we have customer partners all over the world for more than 10 years, we are the No.1 paper cup trade company in China for many years. We export 2 billion paper cups every year, which can circle the earth 16 times.

With so many paper cups, can we find a way to make them less polluting? More friendly to the environment?

The answer is yes.

Bring Green to our Earth-------The Story of our Team


The Way We Grow

In 2015, we began recommending PLA coating paper cups with a degradation rate of over 95% to our European customers as an alternative to traditional plastic lamination, a product is more eco friendly.

In Feb 2018, the EU started to actively promote the plastic ban. We realized that this would be a turning point for the industry and we took the initiative to meet this challenge because we want to protect the environment and want a better future.

However, the process of new product development was tough. Because the specifics of the plastic ban have not yet been finalized. How to define environmental protection and what materials to use? These are not yet finalized. We could only cross the river by touching the stones. We visit factories, discuss with experts, search literature, and constantly learning. Finally, with unremitting efforts, we developed a series of food and beverage products with polylactic acid, bagasse and bamboo as the core raw materials, which were processed through a thorough process. These products, under certain conditions, can be completely degraded to water and carbon dioxide within 360 days.

In early 2020, the European Union officially passed a plastic ban bill, making it clear that Europe will completely ban single-use plastic products by 2021, and the world has responded. And we have already figured out in advance the environmentally friendly products that meet the regulations and are at the forefront of the market. The percentage of environmentally friendly products we sell has also increased from 5% in 2015 to 30% today, all the way up.

In 2022, as the market is tested and people's awareness is deepened, we find that reusable, recyclable, gradually replacing biodegradable and compostable, becomes the latest environmental protection concept. Perhaps in the future, paper cups will gradually be replaced by more environmentally friendly products. But it doesn't matter, we are not afraid of this challenge. Because as a global-oriented foreign trade enterprise, we have more responsibility and obligation to spread the concept of green development to all over the world. There is nothing difficult in the world, as long as we are willing to climb. We have the confidence to grasp the trend of the times, and continue to develop and expand a variety of competitive, cost-effective, high-quality environmental protection products.

Bring Green to our Earth-------The Story of our Team


The Future

I believe that our environmental protection paper cup business will flourish, and in the near future, the two billion paper cups we sell to the world every year or even more may be transformed into environmental protection products, this small paper cups, carrying our environmental protection concept, across the sea, to build a community of human destiny and a more beautiful earth home to make due contribution!

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