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Are PLA paper cups safe for hot drinks?

2023-10-13 09:10:16

PLA paper cups are an environmentally friendly new product that replaces traditional plastic cups and paper cups. It is made from biodegradable polylactic acid, a sustainable material. Compared with traditional paper cups, PLA paper cups are stronger, more durable, and can be used multiple times. So, are PLA paper cups suitable for holding hot drinks?


The first thing to know is that a PLA paper cup can withstand temperatures up to around 200 degrees, so it can hold common hot drinks like coffee or tea. However, PLA paper cups are not completely suitable for all hot drinks. For some drinks below 60 degrees, such as tea tree, PLA paper cups are not the best choice. Because this type of drink is characterized by acid, the acid will make the PLA paper cup more brittle and hard at high temperatures, causing the PLA paper cup to be brittle or even deformed. In addition, excessive heat may also cause plastic deformation of the PLA paper cup and cause it to lose its original function.


Are PLA paper cups safe for hot drinks?



So, if you want to use a PLA paper cup to hold hot drinks, make sure the drink is at the right temperature. If you need to hold high-temperature drinks, it is recommended to choose a cup specially designed for high-temperature drinks.


At the same time, PLA paper cups also have a certain insulation effect, which can effectively maintain the temperature of the drink. But please note that the PLA paper cup is not a thermos cup, and it cannot compete with a real thermos cup in terms of heat preservation function.


In short, PLA paper cups are an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. When used to hold hot drinks, attention must be paid to their temperature resistance limitations and the use of acidic drinks. In most cases, PLA paper cups are a safe and reliable choice for hot beverages.


PLA paper cup that effectively resists high temperatures

If you want to choose a PLA paper cup that can fully withstand high-temperature hot drinks, the AHCOF brand is definitely your best choice. AHCOF's PLA paper cups made of high-quality materials have excellent high temperature resistance and excellent quality. It is designed with stability and leak-proofing in high-temperature environments in mind, ensuring you can enjoy hot drinks without worrying about the cup deforming or breaking. AHCOF PLA paper cups are not only strong and durable, but also have excellent sealing performance and comfortable feel, making your cup experience more pleasant. Therefore, if you need PLA paper cups for hot drinks, AHCOF brand will be your ideal choice.

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