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5 Reasons Restaurants Choose Compostable Tableware

2023-08-23 09:08:00

Why are more and more restaurants choosing compostable tableware, and what are the components of compostable tableware? Does it have some characteristics of previous tableware? This blog post will explain these in detail.


Why Choose Compostable Tableware?



Eco-Friendly and Sustainable: Compostable tableware is usually made of degradable or biodegradable materials such as paper pulp, cornstarch, etc. Compared with traditional plastic tableware, compostable tableware can be naturally decomposed and converted into organic substances after being discarded, reducing environmental pollution. Using compostable tableware can reduce the restaurant's reliance on plastic consumption and reduce the generation of plastic waste.


Increase customer satisfaction: more and more consumers are concerned about environmental protection and sustainable development, and they are more inclined to choose environmentally friendly restaurants. Using compostable tableware can highlight the restaurant's environmental philosophy and attract and satisfy the needs of this part of the customer.


Enhance brand image: The restaurant promotes environmental protection and sustainable development, and the use of compostable tableware reflects the restaurant's concern and sense of responsibility for the environment. This kind of environmental protection behavior can enhance the brand image of the restaurant, establish a good corporate image, and attract more potential customers.


Convenient management and sanitation: Compostable tableware is usually disposable and does not need to be cleaned and disinfected. This can reduce the management workload of the restaurant and improve the operational efficiency of the restaurant. At the same time, since compostable tableware is easy to handle and degrade, it also helps maintain hygiene and reduces the risk of cross-infection.


Compliance and regulatory requirements: In some regions and countries, restricting or banning the use of plastic tableware has become a legal and regulatory requirement. Using compostable tableware allows restaurants to comply with local environmental protection policies, comply with relevant regulatory requirements, and avoid possible fines or penalties.


Compostable Tableware Composition Materials



Bagasse compostable tableware is an eco-friendly tableware, usually made from the fibrous material of bagasse. Here are a few benefits of bagasse compostable tableware:


Degradable and Biodegradable: Bagasse compostable tableware is made of natural bagasse fibers, which can be naturally decomposed and converted into organic matter under the right conditions, reducing environmental impact compared with traditional plastic tableware pollute.


Conserves resources: Bagasse compostable tableware utilizes a by-product of sugarcane processing, bagasse. This not only reduces the generation of waste, but also makes full use of resources and reduces the demand for other raw materials.


Low Carbon Emissions: Making bagasse compostable cutlery has a lower carbon footprint than making plastic cutlery. Because sugarcane is a renewable plant, its cultivation, fiber extraction and processing are relatively environmentally friendly, thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuels and associated carbon emissions.


Recyclable: Once used, bagasse compostable tableware can be disposed of by composting. They can be placed in compost bins, composted with other organic waste, and eventually turned into organic fertilizers or soil conditioners for use in agriculture and gardening.


Non-toxic and harmless: Bagasse compostable tableware contains no harmful chemicals and is non-toxic and harmless to the human body. During use, no harmful substances will be released, ensuring food safety and health.


All in all, the benefits of bagasse compostable tableware are mainly reflected in its degradability, resource conservation, low carbon emissions, recyclability, and non-toxic and harmless. They are a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic cutlery, helping to reduce the load on the environment and promote sustainability.


Features of Bagasse Tableware:


1.Raw material 100% natural fiber pulp

2.Healthy, biodegradable and environmentally friendly

3.Oil-proof, waterproof, microwaveable, and freezable

4.All items are available in unbleached colors.

5.Both bulk and retail are available


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